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Security Estate

– A safe neighbourhood for our residents

About Us

In 2007 our community was literally under attack and overrun by criminals. At one stage armed robberies were occurring almost daily.

A group of residents felt that enough was enough. United, the community took control of security in the area and looked towards neighbouring suburbs, security experts, and our own resident champions for ideas and guidance.

A huge amount of time, money and energy has gone into making the RSE a safer place, and in April 2023 the access monitoring booms were lowered for the first time. But we aren’t done yet. As more and more estates close their entrances the criminals will come up with new plans to enter our area.

The RSE will consistently evaluate the security and safety situation in our estate and will design and deploy incremental security measures to an already comprehensively secured area.

RSE Mission: To maintain an access monitored estate which offers peace of mind to our residents where one can safely live, work and play.
RSE Values: all residents are included into the RSE, nobody is excluded. Integrity and transparency are our top priorities.

Know your neighbour

Knowing your neighbours and looking out for each other

Volunteer Patrols

Residents drive patrols in their own time and report suspicious activity to the control room.

Radio Communications

2-Way  radio communications has been established  between the community and our dedicated security company and RSE volunteers thereby ensuring an effective response should the need ever arise.

Security Structure

Our community security structure includes the following
Establish RSE HOA

The structure of the RSE has been established: Homeowners Association NPC Section 10 Schedule 1 Company Registration no 2009/012565/08, which allows us to manage our community’s security affairs with our own security infrastructure .

Camera Surveillance

Monitored security cameras at all of the main vehicle entrances to the area – which are monitored at the RSE Hub 24 x 7 and ALL movements captured will be kept for a period of time.

Central Monitoring & Armed Response

A centrally controlled and monitored security process, including a dedicated armed reaction company that we can hold accountable for the safety of our contributing residents.

Access Control Points

6 Vehicle and Pedestrian Access controlled gates   with CCTV monitoring via the RSE hub and specialised
AI systems. Any suspect activity through access monitored gates will trigger a security response.

for the community By the Community

Armed Response

Fast and efficient  armed response via the in-estate dedicated vehicle response team to deal with security situations.

Communication channels

Various communication avenues are available to our residents to reach our control room, security company, and our dedicated volunteers.  When necessary, the police services will be
called in to assist.


Regular patrols, day and night,  are carried out by our security team and our volunteer residents.

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