The Good News!

We have received the go-ahead from Tshwane Council, had no objections from the public and are now ready to go full speed ahead to implement our Access Monitoring.

It has been a long and hard battle, but we are now finally able to secure our safety.

Construction will commence as soon as we receive the wayleaves which we have applied for. This is expected to be early March 2022. We are still hard at work to collect the capital contribution from residents who have been waiting for this stage. The outstanding amount ± R 1,5m and are confident we will have this collected in the very near future. If you have not yet made your contribution, we urge you to please do so now.

RSE members are currently being billed by RSE for the security patrol system now in place and for alarm monitoring where applicable, which also pays for the two dedicated Quatro patrol vehicles which are used on the Telegram “RSE Security” group to attend to security matters. This fee will fall away once the Access Monitoring is operational, which could be as early as May 2022.

The existing fee will then be replaced by a new fee for the greatly enhanced security system. This includes manned boom gates, facial and number plate recognition cameras, and a monitoring control room.

We require the necessary income assurance before we go operational, so that we will be able to fund the enhanced security system. If we do not have the necessary monthly income in place, we shall have to postpone the Access Monitoring operation and have the booms stand idle. With the current tendencies of escalating crime, including violent crime, we would rather have the booms operational as soon as possible.

For houses the new fee will be R 962.00 and for Complex units R 240.00 with alarm monitoring at an additional R150.00 per month.

Can you please sign the new debit order, as the one currently in place for will not be able to be transferred to the new debtor’s system, as this will operate from a different bank account. The new debit order will only commence after the current one ceases.

Should you have any queries, please contact us at: On behalf of

15 February 2022