Phase 3 Operations

Once the construction has been completed the Operation Phase will commence.

Operation phase involves:

  • the manning of the gates
  • the manning of the control room and monitoring the CCTV cameras
  • deployment of patrol/response vehicle
  • employing an Estate Manager to maintain improvements and oversee guards
  • maintenance of all constructed infrastructure administration of ongoing income and expenditure

Planning and Dates
It is planned that the operation phase will initially be rolled out in a stepped fashion as each of the planned gates’ construction is completed.

Our expectation is that we should be fully operational by September/October 2021.

The current monthly budget for this phase comes to R429 570.

As more residents support the initiative the cost per household reduces. Based on a 55% support level, (which we are hopeful to achieve) the monthly running-cost budget.

This monthly amount will replace any current payments to the RSE and it is envisaged that this monthly fee will become payable around August 2020.

As we will have to employ staff and appoint service providers in time for the commencement of this phase we will need to know upfront on how many residents’ contribution we can rely on.

We therefore request that the monthly Operation Phase Authorization for Debit Orders are signed as soon as possible.